Where The Mobile Market is Heading

Mobile phone development is exploding, and an ever increasing number of users has created a developers dream. One only needs to observe the tremendous quantity of Smartphone applications to realize the magnitude of what is taking place. Apple’s iPhone now has well over two hundred thousand apps that have been downloaded an astonishing 5 billion times. The Android is making up ground at a lightning pace, and the number of apps has now surpassed 100,000. The development process is becoming easier too with the advent of cross-platform app frameworks. The forerunner right now is the Rhodes framework, which makes it possible for app developers to build one app and deploy it across the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile device platforms.

We are still in the early stages of the mobile revolution, and some of the greatest changes are yet to take place. One of the next areas to take hold will be in the world of informational Smartphone apps.

The key to writing high-quality informational apps is synchronized offline data. Users need the ability to read and work with the information even when they are not connected. Mobile web browsers failed to make a dent in Smartphone app usage because users want to interact with their data before it is uploaded or finalized. The case example is how users interact with their mobile email clients that use synchronized data and rarely if ever will email using mobile browsers. Many studies show that users will not utilize back-end apps if the data is not locally available on their phones. Read only cases such as a newspaper app create much more user value when the data is cached and can be accessed offline.

The first alternative would be to use a first generation sync server, which eliminates every one of the challenges you would face if you were to build from the ground up. Companies like Intellisync were able to blaze the trail in the sync world. The survivors of the early trek include companies such as Antenna and Sybase who are among a small number of mobile synchronization providers. None have been around for much more than ten of fifteen years and all are multifaceted in their sync offerings which unfortunately waters down their mobile synchronization product. Clearly, anyone is better off with a first generation sync approach than doing nothing or trying to reinvent the wheel. The drawbacks, however, do include very high costs and slower sync times.

As consumers feel the urge to “Go Green,” mobile phone developers are going to take this into account and start changing the way they build their handsets. The elimination of toxic components is the first start towards going green with the inclusion of more recycled components into the handsets. The plastic casing of mobile phones can be made, in large part, from recycled and renewable materials. Developers are also going to start to make a move towards increasing the battery life of phones while developing phones that use less energy to gain a full charge. Nokia has already built into their phones an alert that will let users know when their phone is fully charged, urging them to disconnect their phones.

With upcoming Smartphone releases, users can expect to see more touch-screen technology integrated along with the continued ability to use mobile phones for more than just phone calls. As more functionality is incorporated into the devices, users can expect to see dramatic changes in the designs of the phones; larger screens, fold out keyboards, and a move towards handsets without buttons.

There are so many directions the Smartphone industry can take us in it is hard to pinpoint exactly where the technology is going to take us. However, what is certain is that the future of mobile phone technology is a bright one full of possibilities as innovative handset makers and wireless carriers take steps to not only make our lives easier with better communication devices but take the steps needed to ensure the technologies keep up with our demands.

3 Smartphones On the Market To Consider

Heading into the Black Friday, knowing the best phone is more important than ever. This year we have seen a dozen of different brands hitting the market and battling for the top position, hence there is more choice when it comes to buying a new smartphone than it has never been witnessed before. This comprehensive mobile phone review seeks to enlighten you on today’s up-to-date top 3 new smartphones whose ranking has been based on a lot of geeked-out features based on; performance, software updates, battery life camera quality and design.

1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The best smartphone award goes to the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This will probably come as a surprise to many of you considering the alleged battery explosion scandal that saw the Giant firm recall some of the devices. You will agree with me its predecessor was a good phone but not really a brilliant one, that even saw a decrease in sales volume. The Galaxy S6 Edge was similar to the Galaxy S6 with the same size, camera, and power with the only distinction between the two was the curved screen,and that was it. However, this year Samsung thought out of the box and manufactured one of the finest smartphone ever manufactured by the firm. The Galaxy S7 Edge comes with an enhanced battery life and has brought back the SD Card. Did I mention that the phone is water resistant?

The Galaxy S7 Edge is truly a work of art that is designed with a mix of glass and metal fitted with a 5.5-inch screen size. The phone is powered by Android marshmallow operating system with a Exynos 8890 CPU. The Camera is just brilliant with the Rear camera being 12 MP and the Front being 12 MP. Its 3600mAh battery guarantees nothing less than the best which is a huge welcome. Even though the price is high, the phone scores perfectly in virtually all departments.

2. iPhone 7 Plus

Following closely is Samsung fiercest competitor the iPhone 7 Plus. This is undoubtedly the best iPhone brand available right now that is designed to give a whole heap of power and performance. The iPhone 7 plus borrows heavily from its predecessors only that Apple decided to do away with the headphone jack and significantly up the price- but if your headphones are wireless and pocket deep enough, you will definitely love the experience.

The iPhone 7 Plus is powered by iOS 10 operating system with A10 Fusion CPU to give you the slick performance. The smartphone does not only come with a camera, but two of them on the backside that are 12MP+12MP and a front 7 MP camera . The 5.5 inch device comes with a RAM of 3GB and has storage of up to 256 GB.

3. Google Pixel

And for the Android aficionados, the Google Pixel is an excellent flagship smartphone designed to offer a breath of fresh to the Android niche. while it may not be probably the most attractive smartphone on the market, the heaps of power under its hood makes it a perfect multitasking and gaming device, hence it will be worth the buck.

The 5 inch screen provides an excellent viewing experience for your favourite movies. The handset operates with Android 7.2 and a Snapdragon 821 CPU. Just like the Galaxy S7 Edge, the device is fitted with a 4 GB RAM and a storage of 32 /128 GB. Its 2770mAh battery may come as big disappointment to many but the devices will compensate this deficit with its outstanding 12 MP +8 MP rear and front camera respectively.

phone covers and accessories

10 Cool Mobile Accessories That Are Unconventional and Creative

It is not simply about the phone anymore. Everyone has virtually caught up on that front, and now the mobile phone world- which is quickly becoming the axis of our own little worlds- is quickly shifting to accessories. What extra trick can you pull from your Android or iOS?

Well, for those who love to be unique, here, ten mobile accessories that will wow everyone around you with their creativity and uniqueness:

1. Wireless chargers

Are you plugged to your wall socket? Not anymore! Qi technology has greatly improved on the compatibility shortcomings that initially undermined wireless charging; getting this device now is a second chance at pioneering such a creative tech idea.

2. Magnetic cable clips/buckle

The simplicity of the magnetic cable buckles is its main element of genius. It helps to organise your cables on the desktop, at home or in your vehicle by ‘assigning’ paths to each. Philonext are selling this easy-to-fix peel and stick gadget at $9.99.

3. Solar Charger and Power Bank

Portable chargers are now commonplace, but you can now expand that capability with a solar charged power bank so it won’t die while you are out there. The allimity 10000mAh offers much more with two USB slots to be used at the same time (no queues) and a solar function to replenish as you use. Waterproof, shockproof and rugged are just bonuses to make your outdoor life easier.

4. Portable Headphone Amplifiers

Boost the music from your phone using Bluetooth headphone amplifiers. The Creative Sound Blaster E1 ($38) has a high quality fidelity of 106db sound. It also has a built-in microphone that allows you to pick calls when connected.

5. Lens attachments

Expanding the capability of your camera with removable lenses steps your phone photography up above convention. There are a variety of lenses available, with prices depending on capabilities. Whatever your choice, it is an investment worth your money.

6. Smartphone sun-shade visor

Still on photography, your outdoor activity becomes much easier with the sun visor, which leaves your palm free for camera operation. The Topbest Outdoor Tool ($15.99) is light and easy to fix, preferably for 5.5’’ phones.

7. Screen magnifier

Watch videos without crouching on your phone with a Dizaul Amplifier ($14.99) for Android and iOS. The gadget does not require power supply, and maintains the same definition of the video on your phone.

8. Headset cuffs

Wearables will for a long time be the in-thing of mobile accessories, boiling down to their jewelry and functional design. The Ashley Chloe helix Cuff ($170+) holds your headsets in place to prevent kinking and knotting, while it’s sleek design doubles up as an attractive armband.

9. Tile tracker

The tile was a piece of genius, enabling you to find your wallet or purse with much ease by setting off an alarm from your phone. The SlimTile ($30) is greatly improved with a much less thickness to fit in your wallet even more easily, and a button that you can use to find your phone, too! Genius!

10. LED flashes

You will find that in some environments even using your phone’s camera flash just doesn’t give you the picture quality you need. Stay ahead with external LED flash lights, which can be attached to sync with your phone for higher quality images. The Conceptor iBlazr 2 ($54) syncs perfectly with your phone camera such that you can make normal light adjustments. It offers you up to 3 hours of continuous superior images for every recharge.

Most cool accessories will serve the basics of your regular accessories, but find an edge to stay ahead. It only takes an eye for style, and keeping it here, to be in the know- the cool know.

What Can We Expect Technology to Look Like 20 Years from Now

20 years ago, my son was born. I still remember the moment when the doctor handed me the scissors and as I pressed them down, looking at my wife, the umbilical cord was snipped and I heard his first cry. But that was 20 years ago. Our baby is now taller than me and is studying Astrophysics in College. It is a subject I know nothing about.

I see all the stages of my life in one continuum, the wobbling and the tantrum, the laugh, and disagreement, the late night wheedling of an infant to sleep and waiting for a young man to come home. My son turns 21 this month and the life has changed dramatically around me. Everything is changing fast and I can’t even imagine how the things will change 20 years from now. Back then, we did not predict Apple app store, but it has become central to our lives.

I celebrate my son’s birthdays to remember all those good old days that have gone before and also, what is to expect in future. This year, my family recognized his 21st year by looking at the future and in my son’s own words, “the changes of those ancient years are just a trailer for what is about to come.”

Well, one thing is beyond doubt. Twenty years from now, most of the things that are going to be made are going to be produced by the man like machines and robots. Aside from our friendly robots out there, the researchers and the scientists have been studying the countless sources of cheap and renewable sources of energy. In the next twenty years, all the houses could be absolutely powered by the wind or solar energy. The coastal cities could meet their energy needs from the tidal waves and nuclear reactions may become the thing of a bygone age.

Everybody knows about 3D printing. It has been around since late 1990s. But in the comingt two decades, 3D technology will become as common as laser and inkjet printers today. Just think about it: you just return from an Ikea showroom and realized you are missing a part for your brand new bookcase you spent $500 on. Just visit their website and let the 3D printer do rest of the job.

While we are talking on the subject of Apple, electronic industry pundits inside have been predicting that the company would release a smartwatch. The company has not yet made any formal announcement, but if they decide to go into this category, there is no reason to believe that it would not revolutionize the world of science and technology for decades to come.

We have been looking for a usable virtual reality technology since the 90s. With the Oculus Rift, it looks like that wait might be over. The technology, which was acquired by Facebook, offers a brand new realistic look that will be a common feature forever gamer’s dream set up.

All we have to do is to wait for a few more years. The world is definitely changing and new technologies are definitely coming, sooner or later.

Next Generation Smartphone Features

Smart phones are evolving pretty fast. New and better technologies also see very fast adoption by the consumers. As these technologies improve, the following are some of the smartphone features that competitors are coming out with.

Contactless charging

Despite wireless charging having been around for a while, it has not really picked up. Initially, compatibility issues arose as a result of the charging standards that were set. Wireless charging is intended to make things easier because this technology could be built to cars and furnitures, hence allowing a person to charge his or her phone anywhere without necessarily carrying his charger. Competitors are looking for ways of making this dream a reality where smart phone batteries will be recharged within the shortest time possible. This technology will require the use of compatible chargers that incorporate both Airfuel and Qi technologies. This will make life easier for smart phone users as they will be able to charge their phones without plugs.

Elimination of headphone jacks

Since time immemorial, mobile phones have always had the 3.5 mm audio jack. These jacks tend to vary with phones. They usually have varying segments and lengths. This means that where standards are not adhered to, having incompatible accessories could ruin the moments. Smartphones in the future will not have the headphone jack. Instead of using the jacks, Bluetooth devices will be adopted in place. This is intended to erase the restriction that comes with the length of earphones and compatibility matters as well.

Dual displays

Why would consumers need dual displays on their smart phones? More smart phone users tend to prefer larger displays as opposed to smaller ones. This is because navigation on a larger screen is easier as it fits more icons and applications. Dual displays have already been implemented in smart phones with curved displays. Future smart phones will have two screens: primary and secondary screens. The secondary screen will be located above the primary screen. This screen will be used for notifications, email briefs, tickers and extra controls. While the primary screen will serve the normal duties of a screen. Half-and-half screens is an exciting traction that smart phone consumers will start using.

Real 4k screens

2k screens are already available on most smart phones. However, 4k screen resolution are still undergoing testing. 4k screens will offer the consumers the best displays of images and videos on their smartphones. These screens will make every display HD. Most consumers will not be able to tell the difference between 2k and 4k displays but their impact will be felt in Virtual Reality. This is expected to improve the user-smartphone interface due to its high definition resolution.


Li-Fi refers to super speed wifi. It is a term that is used to describe the next generation wireless data transfer technology. Smart phone producers are conducting further research on this technology that has given indications that it will be more than 100 times faster than the existing wifi. Li-Fi will utilize visible light spectrum, unlike Wi-Fi that uses RF signals, to transfer data. This makes it more efficient and reliable as it can be used anywhere. This new feature will allow the swift transfer of large amounts of data within very short time limits.

New Gadgets Are Being Promoted Every Day

people using smartphones

Today’s scientific world sees the fascinating release of exciting new gadgets in the market. Knowing the hot new gadgets in the market has its own benefits. Also this knowledge on these new gadgets makes it much easier to get a gift for the hard-to-buy-gift for someone in your list.

By offering a new gadget to someone as a gift which none of the others have ever seen, it will definitely be a huge success? While it doesn’t matter as such whom you are getting the new gadget for, I am very sure that there will be a unique item that is much ideal for the person. Whenever we sit and watch programs on TV we are always interrupted with several “new and improved” gadgets. There are multiple variations ultra-, super-, and mega-, and for all the gadgets that we all have heard of. This is because companies design personnel and researchers are continuously remodeling and renovating the products so that they come out with multiple variations and sell more of this new product.

Nevertheless, how do you think we can ever say no to an improved gadget that is much better, portable and more fun than what you have ever had before? Sometimes one would feel a bit mind-boggled at all the recent new versions of the products from the market hitting the shelves, but all the same they have really made our lives much better and interesting. One can easily go surfing the net for one’s heart’s content for any hot new gadgets. By continuously spending more of your time on these websites you can be one step ahead of some market.

All you need do is just to keep a few of these sites under your list of favorite sites and keep checking on them often. A big surprise for you might be the kind of new accessories available for the gadgets that you already own. You can just be one step ahead of the gizmo market; you can possibly have the new gadgets before anyone else. With these new gadgets you might just be the star of the party.

Your friends will be much amazed and will be awe struck at you whenever you keep bringing out the new gadgets each time. By going through the new gadget websites often, you will definitely be able to find better bargains on the newest electronic devices online. It usually feels being the first to own the newest gadget. This can also be a unique way of buying a gift for the person who you think has everything. What they really don’t know won’t hurt them!, You can find huge number of new learning toys for babies and also children of all ages. One of many ways that you can really educate your child, your child could be the smartest kid in the class with the newest hot gadget that you can obtain to enhance learning.

Though the new gadgets might really look like toys but these gadgets are tools that familiarize the child with the technology world which is part of their future.

These new gadgets have indeed changed our way of living and everybody is now taking full advantage of these gadgets. At the moment, cell phones, computers, MP3 players and likewise other gadgets rule our daily life. Thanks to all new gadgets for we are now able to live, work communicate and relax well, with all these live is getting more interesting and exciting day by day. Don’t sit back, hurry-up and get that latest gadget now

The Top 6 Gadgets to Look Out For in 2017


We’re at a time in society when technology advances have reached unprecedented levels. It seems that almost every month, there’s an exciting new device or concept being revealed. For the first half of 2016, there has been some hugely exciting tech announcements and demonstrations, and for many of them, you won’t have to wait long until they’re publicly available.

We’ve put together a quick list of the six most exciting technologies that will become available in 2017.

Immersit VR Chair

VR is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the releases of the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. While these devices provide hi definition virtual reality on a visual and aural level, they lack the environmental feedback that some people expect from a true next generation VR experience. The Immersit VR Chair aims to change that by providing lift, tilt, and vibrating feedback for VR users, allowing for a completely immersive experience when playing VR games.

An All Glass iPhone

Although there’s a new iPhone release every year, the model that is rumored for 2017 is a significant departure from Apple’s current design philosophy. While the company has experimented with glass backed phones in the past, their latest designs have made use of curved metal for the casing. Tech and gadget lovers will be excited to learn that Apple is planning an all glass iPhone for 2017. The design would feature tempered glass that wraps all around the phone, offering a premium feel like nothing else that is currently on the market. According to sources, the phone will also feature the largest battery of any iPhone yet, allowing users to get much more mileage from their high end smartphone.

There are many iPhone users now who enjoy getting all kinds of accessories for their mobile phones, such as a Solar Portable Power Bank Charger which allows them to charge it on the go without any wires, at complete convenience, especially for those who travel. This is what has made owning iPhones so cool.

Rollable LED Screens from LG

At the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, LG revealed a new technology that could change the way that we look at high definition screens. Simply called the LG Rollable OLED, this is a screen that is no thicker than a plastic projection film, which can be rolled just like a poster. Why is this technology exiting? For many people, space is still a problem when it comes to owning the latest technology, especially flat screen TVs. By next year as the technology develops, it could be possible to have an LG Rollable OLED that retracts just like a projector screen, with the benefit that you wouldn’t need a projector to power it. It could also be beneficial in niche applications, such as on boats, in vehicles, on airplanes, and in other places where space is extremely limited.

The Onagofly Nano Drone

Drones are becoming hugely popular in the United States, and around the world, but current consumer technology is somewhat limited. The main problem is that drones are completely reliant on user control. The Onagofly Nano Drone aims to add some autonomy to the quadcopter, by loading it with sensors and obstacle avoidance algorithms. This could make the drone easier to operate in wooded or urban areas, making it the perfect device for aerial photography and surveying.

Airbag Vest for Skiing Enthusiasts

Skiing is an elegant and sometimes glamorous sport, but it can also be dangerous, especially for beginners, or anyone that is navigating rough terrain. The Smart Ski Airbag vest has been designed by INeMOTION to provide body protection during skiing falls. It can detect a fall and inflate before impact, providing coverage from waist to neck (excluding arms). At the moment it is only available for professional skiers, but it will have a wider public release later this year, and should be available globally by 2017.

Smart Fitness Trackers That Use E-Ink

E-Ink is a display technology that was popularized by the original Amazon Kindle. It is low power, doesn’t need a backlight, and allows for high visibility and long battery life. These characteristics make it perfect for wearable devices. The Withings Go is one example of an E-Ink display tracker that provides fitness tracking and sleep monitoring. It is currently available in the US, and will expand to other markets throughout the rest of this year. The E-Ink display gives it a unique look that many fitness enthusiasts will appreciate, especially because it is much easier to see than a typical fitness tracker.