3 Smartphones On the Market To Consider

Heading into the Black Friday, knowing the best phone is more important than ever. This year we have seen a dozen of different brands hitting the market and battling for the top position, hence there is more choice when it comes to buying a new smartphone than it has never been witnessed before. This comprehensive mobile phone review seeks to enlighten you on today’s up-to-date top 3 new smartphones whose ranking has been based on a lot of geeked-out features based on; performance, software updates, battery life camera quality and design.

1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The best smartphone award goes to the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This will probably come as a surprise to many of you considering the alleged battery explosion scandal that saw the Giant firm recall some of the devices. You will agree with me its predecessor was a good phone but not really a brilliant one, that even saw a decrease in sales volume. The Galaxy S6 Edge was similar to the Galaxy S6 with the same size, camera, and power with the only distinction between the two was the curved screen,and that was it. However, this year Samsung thought out of the box and manufactured one of the finest smartphone ever manufactured by the firm. The Galaxy S7 Edge comes with an enhanced battery life and has brought back the SD Card. Did I mention that the phone is water resistant?

The Galaxy S7 Edge is truly a work of art that is designed with a mix of glass and metal fitted with a 5.5-inch screen size. The phone is powered by Android marshmallow operating system with a Exynos 8890 CPU. The Camera is just brilliant with the Rear camera being 12 MP and the Front being 12 MP. Its 3600mAh battery guarantees nothing less than the best which is a huge welcome. Even though the price is high, the phone scores perfectly in virtually all departments.

2. iPhone 7 Plus

Following closely is Samsung fiercest competitor the iPhone 7 Plus. This is undoubtedly the best iPhone brand available right now that is designed to give a whole heap of power and performance. The iPhone 7 plus borrows heavily from its predecessors only that Apple decided to do away with the headphone jack and significantly up the price- but if your headphones are wireless and pocket deep enough, you will definitely love the experience.

The iPhone 7 Plus is powered by iOS 10 operating system with A10 Fusion CPU to give you the slick performance. The smartphone does not only come with a camera, but two of them on the backside that are 12MP+12MP and a front 7 MP camera . The 5.5 inch device comes with a RAM of 3GB and has storage of up to 256 GB.

3. Google Pixel

And for the Android aficionados, the Google Pixel is an excellent flagship smartphone designed to offer a breath of fresh to the Android niche. while it may not be probably the most attractive smartphone on the market, the heaps of power under its hood makes it a perfect multitasking and gaming device, hence it will be worth the buck.

The 5 inch screen provides an excellent viewing experience for your favourite movies. The handset operates with Android 7.2 and a Snapdragon 821 CPU. Just like the Galaxy S7 Edge, the device is fitted with a 4 GB RAM and a storage of 32 /128 GB. Its 2770mAh battery may come as big disappointment to many but the devices will compensate this deficit with its outstanding 12 MP +8 MP rear and front camera respectively.