Chinese Brands That Can Compete With Apple

The economy is changing fast and China is slowly growing into a superpower in the field of technology. Gone were the days when China is simply where Apple manufactures its products. Today, multiple Chinese brands can be compared to Apple in terms of functionality. Many Chinese products are available in the market but there are a few brands that stand out. These brands can create smartphones with advanced technologies that even a few Apple fans are convinced to switch over to android.


OnePlus is a new brand in the Chinese smartphone market but it doesn’t mean that it has lacking features. Owned by BBK electronics along with Oppo and Vivo, the OnePlus smartphones are the ones that release flagship phones at lower prices compared to Apple and Samsung. While it is becoming famous with android users, it is yet to be up there on the top 3 smartphones. Still, it is one of the best Chinese brands that have the potential to dominate the market.


For Apple users, switching to Xiaomi is a little easier because its operating system, the MIUI has a very similar feel with the iPhone’s operating system, the iOS. The Xiaomi Pocophone F1 is one of the most beloved phones that gave name to the Xiaomi. It also has its flagship phones, the Xiaomi Mi line that promises powerful and advanced devices at a cheaper price than its competitors. There are debates ongoing whether Xiaomi or Huawei is the best Chinese smartphone and the jury is still out on that one. For now, Xiaomi is continuously releasing high-end phones at a much cheaper price than Apple. This brand can also make midrange phones that have a few flagship specs and still keep the price affordable. Dubbed as the “Apple of China”, the Xiaomi is becoming a serious threat to its competitors.


They are becoming another giant in the smartphone industry. Currently, Huawei is the third most preferred brand right after Samsung and Apple. Huawei has been existing for a long time but it is only recently that the brand is gaining momentum. More and more people are switching to Huawei because of its flagship phone, Huawei P30 Pro, dubbed as the flagship phone that has a mid-range price. It appealed to the masses, especially with its powerful zoom-in features that cannot be seen on any other phone. Aside from this, Huawei also boasts a lot of smartphone series that are becoming instant hits to the people. Like Samsung, they also release a lite version of their flagship phones which gives more options to its fanbase.

There are multiple benefits in choosing a Chinese android phone over an iPhone. It is a standard in an Asian country to have two sim card slots, and this is perfect for people who have separate numbers for private and business use. It is also no secret that Chinese brands are way cheaper than Apple products are even though they almost have the same specs. iPhone has also become a staple, especially in the United States, and it may feel unoriginal to own one. The sleek and unique designs are also one of the reasons why a lot of people fall in love with Chinese brands.