Is Apple out of touch with its historic past?

Following the untimely demise of Apple founder, Steve Jobs, Apple has struggled to find its feet as the creative force it once was. When the late Jobs was at the helm, there was palpable excitement every time Apple launched a new product. Such announcements were usually filled with an air of mystery and awe that everyone wanted a piece of what Jobs was selling. The company itself was a juggernaut in the technology sphere that other electronics companies feared going toe to toe with and love by all because of its style.

The late Jobs left very huge shoes to fill and the Apple board pegged its hopes on Tim Cook to steer the company forward. After all, Tim had taken over from Steve in 2011 and was familiar with company culture of innovation and style.

Well, the company run into headwinds with several failed product offerings that have threatened to besmirch the legacy of Apple. Recent failures of the iPhone 6 through iPhone 8 have left people very worried about the direction that this once successful company is headed. Apple experienced its first drop in earnings for the last 20 years in 2016.

Why are people worried about the future of Apple?

One of the key things that have had people worried about Apple is the shift in its image. While Jobs was in charge, Apple had a ball-busting image that made its competitors cower; tail-tucked between their legs. Its current image portrays a soft and affable company that is unwilling to get into a vicious fight as is evidenced by the settlement with Google on the Motorolla Mobility patent breach. It just seems as though the bite has just gone up in smoke and they are simply fair-game for anyone willing to take them.

It seems that a new Apple trend that has worried people is the need for constant acquisition of companies. The main aim of these acquisitions is to absorb the innovations of these companies. For the purists and die-hard fans of the company, this is quite puzzling because the old Apple-Steve Jobs’ Apple- was dead set on blazing the trail for others to follow. This current company just seems lazy and uninspired.

Siri, the Apple virtual personal assistant app, has been grossly outdone in the market by newer and more advanced players like Google Now and Microsoft Cortana. It just seems as though the development of Siri has taken a back-burner.

What about the iPhone series?

When iPhone 6 came out like this huge tablet-like phone, doubts about the future of the series began to spring up. The seeming obliviousness of Apple to push the boundaries and regain that fear factor it before is quite puzzling. The size is still problematic and the unwillingness to fix this ergonomic issue spells tough times ahead because some manufacturers are addressing the issue effectively.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus features have underwhelmed when compared to the iPhone X. The design of the iPhone 8 is very poor and uninspired. It is more a modified iPhone 7s than anything else. In terms of battery life, it is very poor_ it lasts for only a day.

The iPhone X still has the size problem. It is touted to have a larger display. Other information, will emerge as soon as the phone is released.

Only time will tell if Apple will steer itself back to the path of greatness it was once on.