Next Generation Smartphone Features

Smart phones are evolving pretty fast. New and better technologies also see very fast adoption by the consumers. As these technologies improve, the following are some of the smartphone features that competitors are coming out with.

Contactless charging

Despite wireless charging having been around for a while, it has not really picked up. Initially, compatibility issues arose as a result of the charging standards that were set. Wireless charging is intended to make things easier because this technology could be built to cars and furnitures, hence allowing a person to charge his or her phone anywhere without necessarily carrying his charger. Competitors are looking for ways of making this dream a reality where smart phone batteries will be recharged within the shortest time possible. This technology will require the use of compatible chargers that incorporate both Airfuel and Qi technologies. This will make life easier for smart phone users as they will be able to charge their phones without plugs.

Elimination of headphone jacks

Since time immemorial, mobile phones have always had the 3.5 mm audio jack. These jacks tend to vary with phones. They usually have varying segments and lengths. This means that where standards are not adhered to, having incompatible accessories could ruin the moments. Smartphones in the future will not have the headphone jack. Instead of using the jacks, Bluetooth devices will be adopted in place. This is intended to erase the restriction that comes with the length of earphones and compatibility matters as well.

Dual displays

Why would consumers need dual displays on their smart phones? More smart phone users tend to prefer larger displays as opposed to smaller ones. This is because navigation on a larger screen is easier as it fits more icons and applications. Dual displays have already been implemented in smart phones with curved displays. Future smart phones will have two screens: primary and secondary screens. The secondary screen will be located above the primary screen. This screen will be used for notifications, email briefs, tickers and extra controls. While the primary screen will serve the normal duties of a screen. Half-and-half screens is an exciting traction that smart phone consumers will start using.

Real 4k screens

2k screens are already available on most smart phones. However, 4k screen resolution are still undergoing testing. 4k screens will offer the consumers the best displays of images and videos on their smartphones. These screens will make every display HD. Most consumers will not be able to tell the difference between 2k and 4k displays but their impact will be felt in Virtual Reality. This is expected to improve the user-smartphone interface due to its high definition resolution.


Li-Fi refers to super speed wifi. It is a term that is used to describe the next generation wireless data transfer technology. Smart phone producers are conducting further research on this technology that has given indications that it will be more than 100 times faster than the existing wifi. Li-Fi will utilize visible light spectrum, unlike Wi-Fi that uses RF signals, to transfer data. This makes it more efficient and reliable as it can be used anywhere. This new feature will allow the swift transfer of large amounts of data within very short time limits.