Pending Lawsuits against Samsung and Apple for slowing down older phones

The continued lawsuits against Apple and Samsung have continued to spoil the name of the company. The case has taken another level as currently several iPhone users have filed cases in New York City with claims that Apple has intentionally been slowing down their devices as their batteries age. The claims come after another one was filed last month based on the same claim.

After updating to new versions of Android system iOS, many users have been complaining that slowed down. This is after they upgraded to newer models of their devices. However, it’s important to note that all the claims are referred to the ignorance of these two companies. The case defines that, the devices’ are to blame most of the time and so the company should make a point of replacing them in good time.

The lawsuits came after Apple had confirmed that they had slowed down various devices through software updates from their side. Some of the devices Apple claimed to slow down include, iPhone 6 plus, 6, 6S, 6S plus and SE as they needed to improve their software in the said devices. The company also said that this was one way of preventing these devices from shut down.
The iPhones usually make use of the Lithium-ion Batteries. These batteries are believed to peak excess current especially in cold conditions which may result in charging over time. This may result in low power of the batteries which cause the device to shut down unexpectedly in order to prevent other components from damage.

The company, however, admitted that the slowing down of the devices only came after the Reddit users and some of the bloggers tested some of these devices. Many users have been claiming that the company should be the one responsible to be transparent when it comes to treating old batteries and that they should come up with better ways of recognizing the aging Batteries.

The lawsuits come in two separate claims from the users. One has emerged from the plaintiffs from the cities of Illinois and California bringing an argument that Apple Ltd didn’t have the right to slow down their iPhone devices. Another case followed when two residents of Chicago, one from Ohio and another one from North Carolina. The users claimed that updates being undertaken by Apple was to intentionally force the users to purchase their new release of new models with an aim to make huge profits.

As speed issues with the iPhone users have been on the rise currently, there is a need to find the solution in a timely manner. The company has been on the first line to advise the users on why the performance of the iPhone is slowing down. When the processor needs to use more current than the device’s battery is able to supply, the device will definitely shut down in order to give protection to the inner electronic components. However, more actions are put in place to make sure that iPhone users are satisfied with the services Apple is providing.