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10 Cool Mobile Accessories That Are Unconventional and Creative

It is not simply about the phone anymore. Everyone has virtually caught up on that front, and now the mobile phone world- which is quickly becoming the axis of our own little worlds- is quickly shifting to accessories. What extra trick can you pull from your Android or iOS?

Well, for those who love to be unique, here, ten mobile accessories that will wow everyone around you with their creativity and uniqueness:

1. Wireless chargers

Are you plugged to your wall socket? Not anymore! Qi technology has greatly improved on the compatibility shortcomings that initially undermined wireless charging; getting this device now is a second chance at pioneering such a creative tech idea.

2. Magnetic cable clips/buckle

The simplicity of the magnetic cable buckles is its main element of genius. It helps to organise your cables on the desktop, at home or in your vehicle by ‘assigning’ paths to each. Philonext are selling this easy-to-fix peel and stick gadget at $9.99.

3. Solar Charger and Power Bank

Portable chargers are now commonplace, but you can now expand that capability with a solar charged power bank so it won’t die while you are out there. The allimity 10000mAh offers much more with two USB slots to be used at the same time (no queues) and a solar function to replenish as you use. Waterproof, shockproof and rugged are just bonuses to make your outdoor life easier.

4. Portable Headphone Amplifiers

Boost the music from your phone using Bluetooth headphone amplifiers. The Creative Sound Blaster E1 ($38) has a high quality fidelity of 106db sound. It also has a built-in microphone that allows you to pick calls when connected.

5. Lens attachments

Expanding the capability of your camera with removable lenses steps your phone photography up above convention. There are a variety of lenses available, with prices depending on capabilities. Whatever your choice, it is an investment worth your money.

6. Smartphone sun-shade visor

Still on photography, your outdoor activity becomes much easier with the sun visor, which leaves your palm free for camera operation. The Topbest Outdoor Tool ($15.99) is light and easy to fix, preferably for 5.5’’ phones.

7. Screen magnifier

Watch videos without crouching on your phone with a Dizaul Amplifier ($14.99) for Android and iOS. The gadget does not require power supply, and maintains the same definition of the video on your phone.

8. Headset cuffs

Wearables will for a long time be the in-thing of mobile accessories, boiling down to their jewelry and functional design. The Ashley Chloe helix Cuff ($170+) holds your headsets in place to prevent kinking and knotting, while it’s sleek design doubles up as an attractive armband.

9. Tile tracker

The tile was a piece of genius, enabling you to find your wallet or purse with much ease by setting off an alarm from your phone. The SlimTile ($30) is greatly improved with a much less thickness to fit in your wallet even more easily, and a button that you can use to find your phone, too! Genius!

10. LED flashes

You will find that in some environments even using your phone’s camera flash just doesn’t give you the picture quality you need. Stay ahead with external LED flash lights, which can be attached to sync with your phone for higher quality images. The Conceptor iBlazr 2 ($54) syncs perfectly with your phone camera such that you can make normal light adjustments. It offers you up to 3 hours of continuous superior images for every recharge.

Most cool accessories will serve the basics of your regular accessories, but find an edge to stay ahead. It only takes an eye for style, and keeping it here, to be in the know- the cool know.