Who’s Winning the War Between Radio And Podcasts

Radio basically deals with transmitting and receiving of electromagnetic waves of radio frequencies mostly the one for sound while podcasts are audio files made available for downloading to a computer or mobile device although other format does exist like PDF and e pub. Podcast does not only transmit audios only but also videos resulting to video podcasts.mostly people prefer podcast be because they tailor what listen and watch compared to radio that you only listen to what is being presented. Most people prefer to use podcast to radio because of its numerous advantages that includes:

1) The ability of persons or organizations to personalize Through podcast the information is communicated directly to the listener verbally or through video, this is easier way of getting information as compared to radio. Therefore, one can receive personal messages through podcast which is not applicable in radio.

2) Increase business communicationPodcast enable an organization to retain more clients and reach to new audiences. these audiences subscribe to the podcast and continues to receive information about the product or the organization. moreover audience may also recommend to their friends and relatives, this is better compared to radio where there is monotony on the kind of information that is provided especially in the advertisements.

3) It is easy to create a podcastPodcasts involves few steps and do not have limitation of radio waves. One just to need to be have an internet connection to download the audio or video. Podcast can also be sent to different client using different platforms like electronic mail. This is because the editing software for creating a podcast simple and readily available.

4) Podcast minimizes costIn modern trends business wants to reduce cost as much as possible, podcast is cheaper compared to radio which is expensive to advertise. Because podcasts are transmitted digitally their eliminate many costs hence making them cheaper. Many business consider podcast nowadays for it is also efficiency.

5) Highly engagingIn the future podcast is going to win because it is more engaging than other platforms for example radio. Everybody in the internet is faced with information overload with the information being filled large amount of written content but audio information attempt to engage is more welcoming because it reduces monotony of reading by listening files.

6) Modern technologyIn the future radio is going to lose because it doesn’t encompass new technology, hence it is more demanded. This is because people want to decide what to hear and what to listen. Therefore, if their are attracted to your broadcast and can subscribe to your podcast, thus there is an excellent chance their are actually getting the information you are providing them.

7) PortabilityThe portability of mobile devices, iphones and laptops is giving podcast an upper hand compared to radio. this s emanating from the fact that their can be carried anywhere at ease. Therefore, enabling one to listen or view podcast anywhere around the globe.

8) Authoritative presentationThe audio files enables one to inject enthusiasm and speaking skills where you can convince them on the products you are offering. this gives one more time to convince his/her clients vividly as opposed to radio where there is limited space, time and need a lot of resources to advertise. Additionally in the radio one is not sure whether the intended audience is listening at that particular time.

As technology continues to evolve the traditional ways of passing information like radio are becoming obsolete. Therefore podcast is going to win because it popularity is growing day by day as it encompasses the trending technology